AN INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION + Indiana Department of Health Partnership

Vaping is becoming an epidemic in Indiana, especially among teens.

Join the battle to end vaping by posting these messages to social media. Tell your friends and followers: DON’T PUFF THIS STUFF.

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Wow, did you know the same chemical found in antifreeze is also found in vape juice?

When you vape, you’re inhaling a lot more than flavoring.

Stop vaping and join the #NoCloudCrowd.

Excited to go to college? Make friends that will last a lifetime?

Think it’s cool to need dialysis, physical therapy, doctors’ appointments and twice-a-day naps when you’re a t...

What’s your favorite vape flavor? Antifreeze?

A 16-year-old athlete was the first vaper to receive a double lung transplant in the U.S.

Attention student-athletes! Want to dash your dreams of playing sports? Then start vaping.

Let’s clear the air: An e-cigarette is called a cigarette for a reason.

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